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Advanced Ad Delivery is the easiest and most cost-effective way to deliver press and digital ads to 000’s of regional, national and international newspaper & magazine titles and websites – fast. It has recently gone through a significant update and includes more features for those sending and those receiving ads. for advertisers

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You can now deliver digital ads as well as press ads – with web banners, tablet and mobile ads all now being able to be sent to publishers and tracked securely all the way.

ad delivery has never been easier with our new site allowing you to flight check and fix your files all within a beautifully simple interface. is the only site that allows you to colour convert your ads to the exact publication spec on-the-fly within the site … and do a better job of it than anyone else according to our publisher clients.

​Easy to use - file upload page.

It’s the fastest and most reliable delivery solution available, and now it has been updated to include plenty of new additional features.

With a simple yet functional tracking page you can manage complex schedules, keep track of live delivery statuses, and have multiple users logging in at the same time from anywhere in the world.

Fully integrated with ad.lib, our world class ad spec database (click here for more info)

Ad-cropping facility available.

A range of options to help you further streamline your ad delivery workflows exist under our ‘ automate’ range of tools.

The most competitively priced ad delivery solution in the UK. for publishers

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Our solution provides a host of tools to help you, the publisher, streamline the process of receiving ads, including:

The ability to access ad.lib (our press and digital spec database that drives and add, edit and delete titles, sections, sizes, contact details and more – giving you full control over what titles are delivered to you via, how they are fight checked, how they are size checked, what colour profiles you require, information about copy deadlines and so on – all in one easy to use online secure database. and responsive tracking page with comprehensive search tools to allow you to track your ads, including clear CI (copy instructions) and ad sender info – for copy chasing purposes.

You can download manually from the tracking page or download automatically using our auto-polling software.

Use our mailbox product to capture live ad sales data which allows our system to send out an email with all the details of the booking on and which also lets the user upload the file with just a couple of clicks.

​Full tracking and download capabilities.

It means you give senders an easier route than email for ad submission and you receive all your ads in a structured way, with all the data included.

You can have a microsite, where you get your own with just your own titles on it.

You can decide what tolerances you want on size checks; whether you want all your files to be flight checked; whether you want all your ads to conform to your ad specs before they are delivered; and quite a bit more.

Regional Ads

per Ad

  • Delivery    £1.00
  • Colour Fix £5.00
  • PDF Fix    £1.00
  • Size Fix    £0.00

National Ads

per Ad

  • Delivery    £3.00
  • Colour Fix £8.00
  • PDF Fix    £2.00
  • Size Fix    £0.00