Automate Resizing  

Re-sizing press master artwork files in order to correctly match all the different sizes required for a press or OOH insertion schedule can be a long and frustrating process, adding many hours to the overall project, with the possibility of human error creeping in the more that has to be done.

So we built a solution. It is based on InDesign server, so it relies on master artworks being created in InDesign … but everyone does that anyway these days don’t they?

And then, with a few quick rule applications (using InDesign’s ‘liquid pages’ tools, you can generate different size adaptations incredibly quickly – just one at a time or hundreds).

But there is so much more than that. You can drive this re-sizing from ad.min+, so just book in a bunch of insertions, select them all and tell the system to make up the new sizes and off it goes and does it (while you go for a cup of tea).

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It is integrated with ad.lib, so you can pick publications and ad sizes and it makes them up to that size (so you don’t have to remember what the sizes are). And it does all this whilst creating the right amount of bleed (if that’s required) and with crop marks or without as the publication dictates.

What’s more you can vary the content from re-size to re-size (and drive this from ad.min+ if you want). Anyone can do all this in a standard browser – and let the artworkers focus on producing great masters.

This is an amazing tool for generating huge efficiencies in the artwork workflow process, and for maintaining high quality across the whole schedule, so give us a call and see why we and our clients love this so much.

If you want to know more just contact us