ad.min plus
End to End Production  

Whether you are a brand, an agency or a production house you will have a wide range of marketing tasks that need managing. This can be daunting without a system to help you out – hundreds of spreadsheets and word docs flying around, all getting out of sync with one another – we know, we’ve been there. That’s why we built ad.min+.

At Qmuli we look after hundreds of campaigns and ads every month, for many different clients, and we use ad.min+ to keep on top of it all. It effectively runs our whole company … and not just ours – agencies and production houses like AMV BBDO, Zone, Gutenberg Networks, Cogent Elliott, Communisis, Network London and many more use it too.



The great advantage of ad.min+ is just how customisable it is. You configure it to how you wish to work (and we can help with that), you define what your job types are, what the status of each job is, how you define your clients’ divisions and structures, what your typical project schedules look like, and so on.… 

If you're involved with print and press production you'll be pleased to know that ad.min+ integrates fantastically well with our other apps – so you can book a job in seconds including all the artworking specs (via ad.lib); create artworks for multiple sizes with ad.just; you can even colour convert multiple files in an instant via ad.apt; and you can also deliver all your ads rapidly via

There is so much power in ad.min+ and it delivers such amazing efficiencies and benefits that we could go on and on (and sometimes do!). If you're at all interested, we would be very happy to arrange a demo so just contact us and we will organise it with you.

If you want to know more just contact us




It is also very flexible, as the list of features below demonstrates:

  • Integrates with multiple external systems and all of the Qmuli suite of apps.
  • On-line approval, artwork version control, client extranets.
  • Finance: estimates, request for quotes, POs, invoices, multiple price lists, client-specific pricing, materials costs and prices, people costs and prices, multiple currencies etc.
  • Resource management: time-sheets, people scheduling, departmental management tools, stock control, multiple time-zones, individual task lists etc.
  • Project management: customised schedules with calendar, timeline and ‘Gantt chart’ views, time and cost controls and ‘alarms’, task lists etc.
  • Full asset management functionality with our integrated system.



If you want to know more just contact us