Publisher Information delivers more ads to publications in the UK than any other ad delivery solution, so most (if not all) publishers are likely to have already heard of us. However, we do an awful lot more than just deliver ads.

Below is more information on how we already help some of our publisher clients. That said, we are always exploring new ways to help and deliver value in an increasingly demanding sector – so if you think we might be able to help, even if what you see is not on this page … just get in touch.

We pride ourselves on our relationship with the publishing industry. We work hard to form a truly collaborative partnership, helping our publisher clients to address the challenges they face through innovative solutions.

That’s why clients like Local World and DMG work with us so tightly – they know that not only do we deliver the solutions they need, at a compelling price, but that we also deliver beyond our competitors in terms of quality, speed to market and reliability. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our publisher clients’ testimonials and read what they say.


  • let us manage the flow of press and digital ads to your organisation, with all the ads coming in correctly; to specification; with all the details you need alongside (and within the PDF as metadata), providing a useful copy chasing tool aside from anything else. We provide a host of additional tools and services linked to, including your own dedicated portal as well as add-on modules like mailbox, and the ad sender module.
  • Ad.lib: this is a central 'library' of digital and press ad specifications for many thousands of publications and websites – UK regional, UK national and overseas. You get complete access to create, edit and delete all your own specs – titles, sections, sizes and more. Or we will do it for you if you just tell us what changes you need made.
  • our easy to use, competitively priced digital ad production tool. Either use it yourself or let us provide the service for you, or (like a couple of our clients) a bit of both.
  • server: we also provide the facility to host and serve your digital ads so you just include a link/tag to your ad on your website and we do all the heavy lifting from within a frame.