Manage your studio costs with our production support service - Studio+

Everyone has those busy times when their studio is overburdened with work: with Studio+, gone are the days of hiring in and training temporary staff to cover these peaks. Our professional studio staff can help with all aspects of these campaigns, from planning and specification gathering/checking right through to campaign fulfilment - including artworking, retouching files and delivery - with you having full visibility for  approvals, finance, delivery status and reports throughout the entire process using your own version of our state of the art production system.
Less paperwork, fewer staff, bigger profits
Studio+ helps you take the strain of your project fulfilment.
Full financial transparency of jobs,
time and costs
Studio+ captures every thing you do and tracks and reports as you go.
No infrastructure needed,
skilled support staff available on demand
Cloud based system with pick & mix production support team service

"How did we ever manage our campaigns without this fantastic system?"  
- Marc Dolby, Gutenberg Networks Worldwide.

How does it work?

Studio+ is a new concept which allows agencies/brands to run multimedia campaigns on a state of the art production system without having to invest in the technology themselves. This enables agencies/brands to manage campaigns utilising the latest cloud system technology, data, staff and workflows to maximise efficiencies and ensure you can deliver complex media schedules, on time, on budget!

A typical Studio+ environment

Studio+ supports multimedia ad campaign schedules

For further information, please contact Qmuli Ltd at or on 0207 278 4009